The Original pencils to the NAIL TPB.

The paper stock I used for this double page spread was great to pencil on but far less
accommodating for ink. Not a problem with a large image but this was pretty detailed. I
traced the whole thing through onto a more ink friendly paper-- And I'm glad I did
because the inked original was lost/mislaid/stolen.

So, IF anyone does think they have the original cover, they don't. I do!
In 2004 I had periods of a week or so  where I was waiting for the next Uncanny plot, so I dug out a heap of
old sketches and half completed drawings and finished them.These are the first three.
Mark Farmer inks
Who caught who?
The relationship
between Batman and
Catwoman has varied
over the decades but I
always like the weird Cat
and (winged) Mouse
romance and it became
an integral part of The

To see Mark farmer's

Doctor Strange. It is
impossible to draw the
surreal universe and
characters created by
Steve Ditko without
using the wonderful
abstract forms he
introduced to the
comic-art vocabulary.  
Mark Farmer's inks
Mark Farmer inks
Mark Farmer