This was a
plea I faxed
into editorial
after being
told that not
only could
Cyclops not
wear his full
'cowl' but that
he must die
at the end of
the Twelve
An unused
Captain Britain
cover sketch...

... and my first
doodle of the
Betsy CB
costume along
with ideas for
future stories.
The original  Warwolves
(Warhound) designs.
The 'cyborg child' was
the original brief-- and I
may have leaned
towards a  particularly
revolting image to avoid
the concept-- along with
two alternatives I
The cover rough to
Excalibur 1 and an
unused alternative. Note
that the 'humour element'
was a subdued aside in
the first option-- Until
Terry Kavanagh decided
to make it the primary
<< Emelia Witherspoon model
In the days before internet and
sharp focus DVD freeze frame
the best way to get a character
ref was to make quick sketch
notes while watching a movie. I
based Emilia on the great British
actress Margaret Rutherford in
the movie classic 'Blythe Spirit'.

>> Bizarre as it may sound the
inspiration for Colin/Kylun started
with Gilbert Gosseyn. I had read
Van Vogt's 'Null A' books in my
teens and the image of a man
with a leonine head had stuck
with me.
Bert and Hard
Boiled Henwy.