When Frank Bellamy began to draw Garth he appeared to
make the strip his own from the very first but this was far
from the truth.
For reasons I have never been able to confirm, the
previous artist John Allard did not completely retire. He
continued to act as background artist and, whether officially
or not, art editor.
The top sample on the right is a John Allard strip.
The centre strip is Frank Bellamy with Allard backgrounds.
(Note the broken line sky and cartoon wave pattern.)
The bottom strip shows Frank Bellamy's usual approach to
waves and sky.
The photo on the left, taken by Frank Bellamy as a record,
clearly shows that John Allard also tried to control the
design and layout of the Garth strip.
In the lower strip of the sample John Allard's pencil layout is
just visible.
(Note the title panel with a step pyramid. On top
two attendants kneeling, possibly holding a victim down, as a
priest raises his knife.)
The published mask of Atacama title strip
In this sample John Allard's layout is
visible on the lower strip.
Comparing the dialogue, Frank Bellamy
has also punctuated the last balloon.
Dividing it into three for dramatic effect.
Garth Interviewed in the Disc
music paper.