During discussions about the possibility of holding a
colouring contest it was noted that, because a colour version
of the Spirit page had been circulated, it might be necessary
to encourage contributors to do their own thing.
With this in mind I coloured the two samples on the left as
examples of the simplest to the more complex (fades,
reflections, lens flares). I enjoyed doing them but after
completing the pages i decided that posting my versions
prior to the contest may have the opposite effect of
encouraging diversity.
Whenever I pencil a page I usually have a very specific idea of how it should
be coloured but this sketch was never intended for publication so I was maybe
less definite than normal. After a bit of time had passed I realised that neither
of the above approaches felt right. Perhaps my instinct had been sidelined by
seeing a finished colour job which I was then attempting to correct or enhance.
After a bit of dabbling I feel the page on the right is closer to the
spot-illustration approach I was aiming for in the pencils.