Dave Aikins                       David Savini                      Derek Muthart                        Dominic Wong                            Frédéric  Levert
Javier Garcia Gomez                     Josef                         Jouko Ruokosenmäki                        Kirk Zan                                  Milhau                       
 Nigel Hopkins                           Nikos                                   Paulo                                      Rich Cirillo                            Robert Luciano             
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  Tom Smith                          Victor Gatmaitan                     Vladimir Fiks                                 Zac                                     Fredgri (late entry)
First, a very big thank you to everyone who took the time to ink, colour or paint an entry. It has been a lot of
fun seeing the huge diversity of interpretations. Everything from inked photocopies loosely toned with
crayons and rescanned to full blown digital paintings.
The winner was announced on Matt Platis' forum, which is attached to my site.

Anyone interested in my colour version should click the small thumb on the right...>>>

Gabe Pena                              Gerry Turnbull                           Greg Hooper                       Ian Churchill                           Jaana Suorsa